Who Should Apply?



An ideal venture for SuperCharger:

  • Has an organizational mission that aims to reduce social, political, and/or economic inequality
  • Has an organizational mission that aligns with ASU’s mission of innovation
  • Founder(s) are motivated and driven
  • Is in the beginning stages of developing their venture/idea
  • Willing to participate in The Difference Engine related events/activities

Black and white illustrated siloutte of masculine figure with a hat

This is Jose. As a U.S. Customs and Border Protection retiree, Jose settled into a border town where he would routinely witness refugees approach the border seeking asylum. The refugees would be turned down, only to be sent back to Mexico, where they would live in unsanitary "tent cities" that provided little safety and security. These tents could be easily broken into, which created a magnet for criminals who regularly prey upon the refugees.

With this, Jose developed an innovative model to house refugees - one that is safer, cleaner, sustainable, and inexpensive. It is a modular waterproof private "room" that costs less than $500, can be put up in less than 30 minutes, and is made from sustainable materials like recycled cotton and cork. It also had a door that could be locked, making it far safer than a flimsy tent.

He has built two prototypes, is determined to help others, and has a brilliant idea to reduce inequality. But he, unfortunately, does not have the resources or infrastructure to continue scaling his work. So, what did he do? Apply to SuperCharger. By applying to SuperCharger, Jose will now have access to mentorship, resources, and potential funding to contribute to his idea.



illustrated black and white siloutte of a feminine figure with a bun

This is Rebecca. As a student at ASU and resident of Phoenix, Rebecca felt motivated to help the population of people who are homeless within the city. With this, Rebecca found an innovative solution to help these individuals gain access to basic necessities and resources to survive.

However, Rebecca does not have the guidance or funding she needs to make her idea come to fruition. She does not know anything about entrepreneurship, let alone starting and running her own business or nonprofit. So, what did she do? Apply to SuperCharger. SuperCharger is the perfect place for Rebecca to start, as it is a program built for social entrepreneurs who are in the beginning stages of developing their idea.

By applying to SuperCharger, Rebecca will now have access to mentorship, resources, and potential funding to contribute to her idea. Rebecca now has the opportunity to become very successful with her idea, as she is learning from entrepreneurs who started their ventures from scratch like her.