Brooke Howard

Brooke Howard headshot

Brooke Howard is an undergraduate student working on the Women’s Power and Influence Index with The Difference Engine as part of her Honors Thesis. She is currently in a 4+1 Master’s program in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Psychology. Brooke will be graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in May of 2022 and will complete the final year of her Master’s Degree by May of 2023. Her ultimate goal is to work in renewable energy engineering or the space industry. In addition to her work on the WPI, she is a Manufacturing Engineering intern at Pacific Scientific where she assists with various projects in the manufacturing department. As a woman pursuing a career in a male dominated industry, Brooke feels passionate about women’s power and influence in the workplace, so she is excited to be involved in this project. Outside of school and work, she enjoys cooking, listening to records, and spending time with her cat!