Joseph Ceasar

Engineering Change Speaker Series: Pay it Forward with Joseph Ceasar

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It’s pretty hard to think about saving money when you don’t have a job. Ditto passing wealth along to future generations when the here and now is so challenging. Joseph Ceasar spent most of his career at big wealth management firms, where 98% of his clients were white. As a black man, he wanted to use that experience to help his community, and try and make a dent in the extraordinary black-white wealth gap. So he and his wife moved to Lufkin, Texas and created a nonprofit (the Legacy Institute for Financial Education) to get members of the community to think differently about saving. Teaching financial literacy skills is one part of LIFE’s approach, but Ceasar and his team have also built an organic garden and market, created an IT certification program so participants can get well-paying jobs, and even provide incubator services to help local businesses flourish. Everywhere people look, Ceasar says, they have to see a way to save and live below their means so they can pass it on. Change the narrative and break the cycle.
This event is free and offered in a virtual format.
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